Hi. I'm Michelle Zyman.

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I am a student at Boston University majoring in Computer Science

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Young professional in a science-oriented career with skills in leadership and commitment

I am one of the few women in a science-oriented career and I see that as motivation to reach my dreams. We are in a dynamic era, and being a woman is no longer a limitation. Helping others has been my childhood dream. Now, that has evolved into helping others through the innovation of biotechnology. I have the desire and great attitude to exploit the field with the resources provided by the specialists.

I identify myself as a hardworking and curious woman.

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Our team of 6 international developers collaborated to build an innovative solution for nonprofits to raise money during this difficult time and after! Cloutvocate is a platform that connects nonprofit organizations with relevant social media influencers, as well as sponsors, to create meaningful partnerships and fundraising campaigns.

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Email: michzyman@gmail.com